Tightening schedules and demanding lifestyles have posed a challenge for home cooks to find adequate time to prepare food for oneself. This, along with urban growth and shrinking kitchen/entertainment space, has caused home cooking to evolve from being a familial tradition to an infrequent past-time event.

The concept 

To create an environment that hybridizes the professional restaurant kitchen with the comfort of a home kitchen.

I created a kitchen hub that gave individuals the space to push their culinary creativity by providing access to new ingredients, industrial equipment, and professional guidance. It would be a destination for people to come in with friends and family to cook their own food.


User scenario 1

Betty dines out because she loves the restaurant ambience. She craves delicious food, but thinks she can't recreate these dishes to the same caliber as professional chefs. She approaches the restaurant to see what it can offer her:

  • It would supply her with foreign appliances and ingredients, allowing her to experiment with foreign food and techniques
  • A professional chef would be there to guide her through new techniques she had always wanted to try (ex. filleting fish)
  • Through the hub's tutelage, she feels more knowledgable and empowered
  • To make the experience more enjoyable, waiters serve drinks and clean while she cooks and eat. This allows her to be more focused on her food


User scenario 2

Marcel lives in a tiny apartment and often dines out because they're exhausted from their daily grind and finds it inconvenient to cook at home. They always thought the restaurant was an interesting idea and finally goes one night to check it out.

  • Because it's centrally located, it makes travelling more convenient and less arduous
  • The restaurant offers much more space than a regular home kitchen
  • To save Marcel time, the restaurant would gather all the ingredients before they arrive to cook
  • The restaurant would clean up for them, making the whole experience seem less like a chore