I LOVE FOOD. LIKE. A LOT! So in 2013, I joined Bevlab (currently Future Food Studio) - a consultancy who focused on futuristic food technology and connected the community through engaging food-thought experiments. I provided consultancy, design, and development services for businesses interested in food progression.



  • Designed and actualized multiple food experiments which were demoed at local pop-up events, Toronto’s DX Intersection, and South by Southwest

  • Conceptualized, prototyped, branded, designed, and managed the Bevlab cafe located inside The Theatre Centre - an experimental arts hub and incubator.



One example of my work - deconstructing beverages into a gaseous state (for more samples of the studio's work, visit Future Food Studio and Bevlab's website) :



  • Creation of experimental food concepts

  • Organized co-creative food events for trendsetters within our community

  • Used minimal budget to create mobile pop-up events

  • Re-thought food and branding for a Fortune 500 company and its subsidiaries

  • Built Bevlab cafe from the ground up as an Operations Manager

  • Featured in and Azure Magazine