About me

Outer me

My mad skills

I was Nokia's UX/UI designer for 3 years. I was in charge of defining the behaviours and visuals for our apps, core components, videos, and animations. I managed rambunctious interns, held progress meetings, collaborated with developers, QAs, and product-line managers, and at the same time, I actively busted down all siloed walls between the departments.

My minor in Psychology and 5 years experience in Massage Therapy lends me a very strong background in human-centric design. I learned how to craft immersive experiences through my many volunteering adventures, which helped me grow multiple startups, and pull struggling initiatives back from the dead.

Inner me

What I'm Currently Doing

Needing a change from the cubicles of Kanata, I'm currently living my dream with Remote Year (a travel and work program) as a remote designer!  

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Why I’ve joined Remote Year

Dropping everything to experience new thrills and spills


My timeline

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I would love to connect with you! Shoot me an email @ laurakvvo@gmail.com and let's chat!